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Kanley Pope weight loss

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Kenley pope weight loss 

Kenley Pope is someone who has lost weight and is also an influencer with the power to influence others. She shares her personal experiences on her blog, through YouTube videos, and social media posts. She has published a book about her weight loss journey called "Mindful Weight Loss."Kenley Pope was a teenager who weighed more than 400 pounds. She knew that she had to do something about her weight, but she didn’t know what. She heard about a weight loss show and decided to go on it. She lost 350 pounds in just 4 months.

In this show, Kenley went from being the heaviest person in the family to being the slimmest one in just 4 months. This is her story of how she lost 350 pounds in 4 months and turned her life around for good!

Kenley Pope weight loss twitter

Kenley Pope is a 33-year-old woman who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been blogging about her weight loss journey for years and recently started writing tweets about what she eats and when she works out.

She has been an inspiration to many people around the world with her honest and humorous approach to her weight loss.

Twitter: @kenleypope

Kenley Pope Age, Height and Weight

Kanley Pope weight loss

Kenley Pope is a celebrity chef and a TV show host. Kenley Pope Height and Weight She has hosted some TV shows like, “The Kids in the Kitchen”, “The Quick Cooking Show”, and so on.her real height and weight had not yet reveal before but now it has.

Kenley Pope Age

She was born on July 12th of the year 1976. She's now 31 of age,

Kenley Pope Height 

She have height about 5'7".

Kenley Pope weight 

She gave 164 lbs if weight 

Courtney Smith-Pope Facebook

Courtney Smith-Pope is a business and marketing strategist. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor's degree in marketing. She also completed her MBA at Wake Forest University. She has worked as a social media manager for the past ten years and has been an entrepreneur for about five years. Courtney has been named one of the Top 100 African Americans on Twitter by Business Insider, and she is currently working as an advisor for other entrepreneurs through her website, the Courtney Smith-Pope Enterprise Group.

Kenley Pope Instagram

Kanley Pope weight loss

Kenley Pope is a photographer who specializes in underwater photography. Pope has been diving since she was 16 years old, but her passion for the ocean didn't truly become apparent until she started to study marine biology at university. Her lifelong love of photography and fascination with the ocean led her to develop a new technique for capturing fish within their natural habitat. Kenley Pope's Instagram profile is @kenleypope

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